Who We Are
Tom Kopyto Music teaches private music lessons (guitar, bass, voice, piano, drums) for all ages & skill levels. TKM also offers our “I’m In The Band” & “Nothing But Treble” Pop Chorus programs which combine weekly private music lessons with group rehearsals.

Our teaching method is based on over two decades of full-time teaching experience.  We get our students playing music as quickly as possible because we know that that is what our students want to do.

TKM’s innovative teaching approach is structured to teach three traditional elements of musicianship through an exciting lesson method:

Teaching you what to do physically to make music . . . 

Learning why what you’re doing sounds like music . . . 

Using technique & theory to play music!

Styles We Teach
We teach and perform music that our students love to play: classic rock, pop, alternative rock, metal, modern rock, jazz, musical theater  – TKM shares and celebrates it all.

Our Staff
Our instructors are experienced & college educated professional musicians that can instruct students on the finer points of the technique & theory of their instrument, while at the same time educating them on “real world” performance.

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