The Artist
Tom was introduced to the instrumental guitar scene with with his debut CD YTK. The now out of print CD was executive produced by legendary guitarist Michael Angelo Batio and was released in 2000. Shortly after the release, Tom entered Ernie Ball/Music Man’s Best Guitarist on The Web contest and was awarded Best Rock Guitarist. Between 2004 and 2007, Tom appeared on compilation CD’s released by Lion Music (Tribute to Shawn Lane Vol. 2) and Shredguy Records (Shredding Across the World Vol.1 & Vol.2).

Resurrection, Tom’s debut CD for Shredguy Records was released in 2013. Joining Tom are special guests Mark Zonder (Fates Warning), Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall, Marty Friedman), and Matt Garstka (Animals as Leaders) on drums, bassist Andy DeLuca (Symphony X, Michael Angelo Batio, James LaBrie’s Mullmuzzer), and guitarists Mike Abdow (Fates Warning, Solo Artist) and Oli Herbert (All That Remains). The record was mixed and mastered by Keith Merrow (Conquering Dystopia) at Merrowsound Studios.

Tom is endorsed by several companies, including Rick Hanes Guitars & DiMarzio Pickups. Rick Hanes released Tom’s signature guitar, the TK7, in 2013.

“My approach to the instrumental guitar genre is to merge the simpler songwriting styles of my favorite hard rock bands with the technical styles of my favorite progressive metal bands while using the guitar as the vocals.”