Tom Kopyto

A native of Chicago, Tom Kopyto has defined himself as a well respected instrumental guitarist and one of the most sought after instructors in New England. Tom was introduced to the instrumental guitar scene with his debut CD YTK. The CD was executive produced by legendary guitarist Michael Angelo Batio and was released by MAB’s MACE Music in 2000. That same year Tom entered Ernie Ball/Music Man’s “Best Guitarist on The Web” contest and was awarded “Best Rock Guitarist”.

Revised versions of select YTK tracks have been recorded for Tom’s forthcoming release. Legendary drummer Mark Zonder of Fates Warning and bassist Andy Deluca (Symphony X, James LaBrie, Michael Angelo Batio) play on “Let Them Fall”, and drummer Matt Garstka (Animals As Leaders) owns the pocket while Oli Herbert (All That Remains) and Mike Abdow (Last Chance to Reason, Shredguy Records artist) trade solos with Tom on “Spine”. Matt also plays on “No” (previously titled “Solactitude”) and a newly written track called “We Together”.

Following YTK’s release, Tom recorded his first instructional DVD entitled “Terror Death Licks”. Released worldwide by Chops From Hell Guitar Methods, the release is described as “a mind-boggling display of Tom’s razor-sharp chops!” One of the more mind-boggling licks was picked by Guitar Player Magazine for feature in its “Reader’s Challenge” feature. Tom & CFH released “Picking Sequences & Modes”, the follow up to “Terror Death Licks”, in 2007.

Between 2004 and 2009, Tom appeared on compilation CDs released by Lion Music (“Tribute to Shawn Lane Vol. 2”) and Shredguy Records (“Shredding Across the World Vol.1” & “Shredding Across the World Vol.2”). Tom’s song “Black Inside” from SATW 1 was picked for feature in Guitar Player Magazine. “Black Inside” has been re-recorded for the CD with Matt Garstka (Animals As Leaders) on drums.

A re-recorded version of “Into Another” from SATW 2 has been recorded for the project. Grammy nominated drummer Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall, Marty Friedman) guests on this track, and also two other songs: “Resurrection” and “Naked In Death”.

“My approach to the instrumental guitar genre is to merge the simpler songwriting styles of my favorite hard rock bands with the technical styles of my favorite progressive metal bands while using the guitar as the vocals.”